MURDER BY PAGE ONE by Olivia Matthews

MURDER BY PAGE ONE is the first in the new Peach Coast Library Mystery series. This cozy mystery is written by Olivia Matthews and published by Hallmark. Olivia Matthews has also written The Sister Lou Mystery series. She is also a writer of romance books under the names Patricia Sargeant and Regina Hart. Her impressiveContinue reading “MURDER BY PAGE ONE by Olivia Matthews”


A GAME OF CONES by Abby Collette is book two in “An Ice Cream Parlor Mystery” series.  We revisit Chagrin Falls, Ohio with Bronwyn Crewse who runs the newly renovated ice cream shop. Bronwyn is many things including a master of ice cream creations churning up delicious treats for the small town citizens.  But notContinue reading “A DEADLY INSIDE SCOOP by Abby Collette”

Sleep Well My Lady by Kwei Quartey

The New Year has ushered in the latest highly anticipated second Emma Djan novel, SLEEP WELL MY LADY, by Kwei Quartey. Having read the previous novel, THE MISSING AMERICAN, I can understand why this second book has landed on so many “Most Anticipated” lists. Since my initial review of the book it has become aContinue reading “Sleep Well My Lady by Kwei Quartey”

Pursuit of the Truth by K.D. Richards

Introducing a new author and a new sub-genre to the blog. Author K.D. Richards brings us a romantic suspense novel that is kind of to die for. K.D. herself is black excellence personified; she is a former attorney and legal instructor who grew up outside of Washington D.C. aka “Chocolate City”. Her debut, PURSUIT OFContinue reading “Pursuit of the Truth by K.D. Richards”

Blue Sun by Michael R. Lane

You can find my review of the first book of this series, THE GEM CONNECTION, at my old blog. Reading THE GEM CONNECTION helped me on the pathway to creating this blog and for that I am forever grateful. This book finds us right where we left off in terms of the main character, PrivateContinue reading “Blue Sun by Michael R. Lane”

I Only Purchased Black Books in 2020… No, I Don’t Want a Cookie… No, I Don’t Have Any Regrets

Let me just begin by saying that I started this year with absolutely zero intentions of creating this blog. I did, however, begin this year with a strong desire to do better than I had in previous years when it came to my reading choices. The more I began to want to read stories byContinue reading “I Only Purchased Black Books in 2020… No, I Don’t Want a Cookie… No, I Don’t Have Any Regrets”

Certain Reprisal by Kevin Macklin- Review

This Jon Dough is far from average… Kevin Macklin brings us a fantastic new hero to root for. One who has his ear to the streets while still maintaining a heart of gold- oh and a bit of a killer instinct. The tale begins with Jon being approached by a woman who pleads with himContinue reading “Certain Reprisal by Kevin Macklin- Review”

Black Cozy Mysteries to die for… but simply pre-ordering will do too

If you are familiar with my original blog then you will know I am really here for the cozy mysteries. It is not only the thing that tugged at my heart but it is also the thing that got me into blogging. I don’t think that I could love cozies any more! The true legendsContinue reading “Black Cozy Mysteries to die for… but simply pre-ordering will do too”

Black books you should be reading in September

Okay, I am going to tell you a secret if you promise not to tell. I juggle books. I wouldn’t say I do it particularly well but that is my story. Thank you for attending my Ted talk. You can thank me later! Yes, I have the utter audacity to tell you which books youContinue reading “Black books you should be reading in September”

The case of Eleanor Taylor Bland… The Queen of Mystery- the one your English teacher never mentioned

I start off by saying that your English teacher never mentioned the name, Eleanor Taylor Bland, but honestly and truly your History teacher should have probably mentioned her as well. Mysteries were required readings for me throughout my scholastic career. Yet Eleanor Taylor Bland (referred to as Mrs. Bland henceforth) was not on the listContinue reading “The case of Eleanor Taylor Bland… The Queen of Mystery- the one your English teacher never mentioned”